Luxury Silky Hypoallergenic Silicone Breast Petals For Sensitive Skin Announced

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CleanSeams by Her Discretion, a leading brand in premium nipple covers, announces luxury silky breast petals for sensitive skin.

With the introduction of their silky new silicone breast petals, CleanSeams by Her Discretion offers women with sensitive skin a nipple cover option that is hypoallergenic, BPA-free, and phthalate-free. With a focus on subtlety and comfort, this addition to the CleanSeams brand aims to be the ideal solution for women who embrace fashion-forward designs that can’t be worn with a bra.

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From backless dresses to translucent blouses to tight-fitting tank tops, certain fashions put women – especially those with sensitive skin – in a challenging position when dressing for important events, the office, or summers on the patio with friends. With the availability of CleanSeams’ silky breast petals, women can wear the fashions of their choice for hours on end without any skin discomfort and without ruining their style statements with bulky bras or visible straps.

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“Our reusable breast petals are an essential for any woman who wants to, or needs to eschew the bra,” says a company spokesperson. “They provide women with a smooth and seamless appearance, so their fashions are what take center stage, and bra straps or wardrobe malfunctions don’t.”

Made with soft, silky silicone and medical-grade, hypoallergenic adhesive, peel-and-stick CleanSeams by Her Discretion breast petals can be used again and again and will last for weeks with proper care. In today’s economy where value is a priority and eco-friendly products are a must, CleanSeams breast petals are a thoughtful fashion solution for the conscientious consumer.

Designed to thin out from the middle to the edges, this product offers a discreet, natural-looking silhouette.

Each CleanSeams order comes with a set of two breast petals that are packaged in an attractive, protective travel case that can be kept in a purse or placed inside luggage without the risk of damage. Supported by a 4.6 rating online, CleanSeams by Her Discretion offer value-oriented luxury and reliable performance.

A recent customer says, “CleanSeams by Her Discretion are awesome. They stayed on the whole time and they weren’t at all visible. I wore them with a backless dress for a wedding and they were just what I needed. I’ll be able to wear these anytime I don’t feel like wearing a bra. The packaging is great too. Highly recommend.”

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