The Ultimate Guide to Troubleshooting Your Canon Printer Issue

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( — July 4, 2023) — Canon printers have become a necessity for every office and home. These devices are reliable and provide easy printing services. You can set up your Canon printer to any device like PC, Mac, or phone device and take the printouts. New Canon printers also have network printing services. You can connect the printer to the shared network and then take printouts from various devices. But sometimes, Canon printers can show some errors. 

Common errors in Canon printer

  1. The printer is not connecting to the PC
  2. Canon printer is not connecting to Wi-Fi
  3. The printer is not responding
  4. Canon printer showing offline status 
  5. The printer is providing faded printouts 

Troubleshooting Canon printer common error

Run a printer troubleshooter

If your Canon printer shows any error, you should run a printer troubleshooter immediately. Your printer can get issues due to numerous reasons; the printer troubleshooter checks for the errors and fixes them. You should go to the connected PC and open the troubleshooting tab. Now search for a Printer troubleshooter and run the tool. It will immediately start checking all files. If any error appears, this utility tool will fix it. After fixing the error, your Canon printer will start working correctly.

Check the connection error

Facing connection errors on Canon printers on any device is very common. If your Canon printer is not connecting then check for the cable. Connection errors mainly appear when the cable is faulty. Go to the printer and eject the cable. If the cable seems damaged then replace it. Purchase a high-speed cable for your printer connection. Sometimes, a connection error occurs when the USB port is loose. You should use another port to connect the printer’s USB cable. After connection, you can take printouts from your Canon device.

Check for firewall

Some users reported that their Canon devices are not connecting to the network. The printer connects to the PC using a cable or Wi-Fi direct connection but shows errors on the network connection. This problem appears when the network is secured with a firewall. A firewall is necessary to secure the network from various threats. The firewall protects the network from internet threats and unwanted device connections. When the printer sends a connection request, the firewall may find it suspicious and block it. To connect the printer, you should disable the firewall. Go to the PC and open the firewall. Disable the firewall temporarily and now try to connect the printer. Your printer will connect easily and now you can take printouts from any device on the same network. 

Reset your Canon printer

When the printer is not responding due to any changes on the settings then undo them. You get the error when you make some wrong edits on the settings. Go to the printer and revert all your recent changes. But most users forget the default printer settings. If you don’t remember the changes then you should reset it. How to reset Canon printer? You can reset your Canon printer from the settings. Go to the settings and look for the printer Reset option. Now select Reset All and hit the Confirm button. Your Canon printer will be reset to the default settings. Now configure your Canon printer to the PC and check for errors.

Inspect your Canon printer driver

If your Canon printer is showing offline status then you should check for the driver. Your printer shows an offline error when the driver is not working. This driver is the connection bridge to the printer. It transfers the print request from your PC to the printer. If your Canon driver is not working, the printer will show offline status. Go to the PC and search for your driver. If the printer driver is outdated; update it. You need the correct driver for your Canon printer. Every printer model has a different driver. Your printer will show errors if you have installed the wrong driver. Go to the printer and check for the driver. If you have the wrong driver then remove it. Now check the printer model and install the correct driver. After installing the correct driver; wait until your printer recognizes it. Now send a print command and take your printouts.

Check for the cartridges 

If your Canon printer is giving you poor printouts then you should check for the cartridges. The error mainly appears when the ink level is very low. Go to the cartridges and check the ink level. If the cartridge is about to empty then replace it. Don’t use cheap cartridges for the printer. These printers have poor-quality ink that affects the printouts. If you can’t purchase original cartridges then refill your old cartridges with good-quality ink. You should also check the printing mode. If the printing mode is Low then switch to Normal. To take printouts of photographs or bright images, you can switch to the High mode.