Food & Beverage Product Marketing: DTC Sampling Services Launched

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Founders and marketers looking to spread the word about their food and beverage products can now complement their sales and marketing initiatives with Test Dryve’s newly announced Direct To Consumer sampling solutions.

Test Dryve’s recent move gives food and beverage business owners access to targeted DTC marketing solutions to promote sample packs of their products to customers, increasing brand awareness.

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The company’s newly launched marketing services encompass ad placements across a network of publishers, including high-performing gaming applications and active blog sites.

With an estimated value of over $7,221.73 billion in 2023, the food and beverage industry is one of the world’s most lucrative markets. However, with a conservative estimate of 15,000 new products being released every year, getting a foothold in the market with a new product is one of the biggest challenges for food and beverage business owners. Test Dryve’s team understands that and wants to present a solution with its DTC sample marketing strategy.

When using the company’s services, clients create sample packs of their products, which Test Dryve then promotes to prospective customers across various digital mediums. Each sample content utilizes a business’s own branding and assets to create unique and customized ads.

Using this combination of sampling and targeted advertising, the company’s Direct To Consumer marketing approach raises awareness of a business’s product among engaged and interested prospects. Additionally, clients control the cost and distribution of the sample packs, which allows them to present their items and brand experience in the way they wish to be seen.

But the best part – Test Dryve bring the new customer right into the brand’s marketing funnel – for re-marketing, subscription selling and more.

Business owners take full charge of their marketing campaigns, with options to set targets for budgets, number of acquired customers, and amount of converted orders.

Test Dryve’s marketing services are suitable for food and beverage brands, as well as businesses in other CPG categories, such as beauty and wellness. Business owners wishing to learn more about the service and how it can give them an advantage in the competitive F&B market can arrange for a consultation through a form available on the company’s website.

Matt Matros, co-founder of Test Dryve said, “We aren’t bringing low-quality traffic to your site; we are only bringing you actual customers who want to try your product…and pay you for it.”

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