Charlotte Promotional Videos & Explainers With Actual Employees Guide Released

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Primeau Productions (1-888-843-1550), an all-in-one media company producing content for clients in Charlotte, has released a guide on the importance of using actual employees in promotional videos for brands.

The new guide from Primeau Productions examines how featuring actual employees in promotional and explainer videos can help brands build credibility and trust with their customers. The blog also looks at how using actual employees in videos allows brands to demonstrate their corporate culture and values.

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According to MultiVisionDigital, consumers are 64% more likely to purchase a product or service after watching an online video. Interestingly, this number increases if employees of these businesses are featured in the video. With its recently published guide, Primeau Productions is highlighting some ways brands can use their employees in their video content to generate a higher ROI.

Promotional videos are the most effective form of video content for brands to include their employees in. They cover many video types, including day-in-the-life and behind-the-scenes videos, and generally, they are short in length as they are meant to be viewed on social media platforms where consumer attention typically needs to be captured quickly.

Another way that brands can incorporate their employees into their video content is by featuring them in instructional videos and explainers where they demonstrate their expertise and knowledge of a product or service. This approach not only helps brands educate their customers but also fosters a stronger connection with them.

By including employees in video content, brands position themselves as more caring, friendly, and transparent, all qualities that customers look for in a company. This strategy also shows that the brand is committed and dedicated to its employees.

“Including actual staff members in promotional videos is a great way to boost brand recognition and loyalty,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Videos featuring actual employees are a fantastic way of boosting your social media marketing, instructing customers, emphasizing product features and benefits, demonstrating corporate culture and values, and raising brand awareness.”

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