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( — July 5, 2023) —

The5er, a new proprietary trading firm, is taking a novel approach to reshaping the market by giving independent traders more access to cash, emphasizing transparency, and bringing a trader-friendly approach to risk management.

This post will look at the Traders Union The5er Profile guide, which will help you learn about the firm, its team, customer base, legal entities, products, and services.

The5er general information

According to Traders Union, you must first open a prop trading account to reap the full benefits of the The5ers profile. You will be entitled to all the benefits when you create an account. The following are some of the essential items featured in The5ers’ profile:

ü  Every day, there is a live trading room.

ü  Statistics on Trading Performance.

ü  Webinars are available for free.

ü  Notifications on trading in real-time.

ü  Risk management and trading plan education.

ü  Free one-on-one performance coaching.

ü  Extensive Reading Materials.

ü  Traders Helping Traders is a dedicated support service.

Enterprise History and Synopsis

A group of seasoned traders and entrepreneurs formed The5ers in 2016 to offer bright traders the skills and assistance they need to succeed in the financial markets. The firm is a proprietary trading firm that provides funds to talented traders who have passed their evaluation procedure and follow their trading rules and standards.

The5ers has rapidly increased in popularity among traders looking for an alternative to traditional trading organizations since its debut. The firm has a reputation for providing a fair and open review procedure, good customer assistance, and resources to assist traders in succeeding. 

Regarding accomplishments, The5ers has yet to garner substantial honors or trade volume figures. Conversely, the company has been highlighted in prominent financial magazines such as FXMag and FXEmpire. Many successful traders who have shared their experiences and results online have given positive feedback. As a result, these are the 5ers Business profile information that every trader should be aware of.

Customer Base.

Traders Union revealed that The5ers offers services all over the world. You can trade effortlessly if you present all the necessary paperwork to register on the sites. Customers come from the United States, the United Kingdom, and worldwide. The precise number of The5ers customers is unknown.

Legal entities and regulations.

The5ers is a private real estate investment firm. It is not subject to any official rules. Conversely, the platform has its own set of rules and regulations that you must observe. The funding is delivered with the assistance of knowledgeable traders on the platform.

Overview of Products

The5ers, unlike the other prop trading organizations, does not have much to offer. They only accept Forex, indices, and metals trading. As a result, if you want to start trading in cryptos and other cryptocurrencies, The5ers will not provide you with that choice. The major currencies available for trading at The5ers, as revealed by Traders Union, are as follows:

ü  US Dollars

ü  New Zealand Dollars

ü  Great British Pound

ü  Australian Dollar

ü  Euro

ü  Yen

ü  Swiss Franc

ü  Canadian Dollar

The5er services

According to Traders Union, The5ers provides a one-of-a-kind program for traders to become sponsored traders, which involves a thorough evaluation process to measure trading talents and risk management ability. Funded traders receive a trading account with up to $4 million in capital and keep 50% of their winnings.

The5ers platform trading assets include the following:

ü  Forex: Traders on the The5ers platform can trade currency pairings such as major, minor, and exotic pairs with a margin rate of 1.00.

ü  Metals: With a margin rate of 3 (for gold) and 2.5 (for silver), traders can trade various metals, including gold and silver.

ü  Indices: Traders can trade various global stock market indices such as the S&P 500, NASDAQ, UK100, US30, DAX30, and others. The rules will vary for each one.