Tier-1 Bank Account Opening For Electronic Money Institutions, Service Update

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SAXE Global Ltd, a leading consultancy that offers financial advisory services for corporate clients, announces its latest offerings for Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) looking to open tier-1 bank accounts with UK and EU financial institutions.

Created to improve accessibility and convenience, the recently announced service from SAXE Global encompasses a suite of turnkey account opening solutions that are tailored to each client’s needs. The advisory group serves businesses around the world, helping them gain access to the UK and European traditional financial markets.

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found at https://www.saxe-global.com/banking

While e-payments remain a key component of today’s digital-first economy, organisations driving these innovations still require the services of traditional banks for smooth operation. With its recent offering, SAXE Global facilitates quick bank account opening, eliminating most of the bottlenecks EMIs face when accessing legacy banking solutions.

SAXE Global offers comprehensive turnkey solutions for online bank account opening, streamlining the process through a single, user-friendly form. Clients can easily access onboarding guidelines and complete remote “Know Your Client” verification, adhering to regulatory requirements.

Each bank account provided by SAXE Global includes a dedicated International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and is fully compatible with SWIFT and SEPA payment methods. These essential features facilitate efficient cross-border settlements. Furthermore, the bank accounts support multiple currencies, enabling seamless transactions in different monetary units.

SAXE Global goes beyond mere account opening by assigning a dedicated bank manager to each client. This personalized service ensures direct communication and collaboration with banking partners. With round-the-clock customer support, clients can rely on prompt resolution of any inquiries or concerns.

Additionally, SAXE Global offers complimentary consultations to assist clients in selecting the most suitable banking service provider based on their specific needs.

Timely Banking Solutions for EMIs

SAXE Global Ltd recognises the regulatory requirements that mandate electronic money institutions to store customer funds in safe, low-risk accounts in tier-1 banks and the difficulties often associated with the application process for such bank accounts. SAXE Global Ltd. simplifies the application process for clients seeking to open bank accounts at their preferred financial institutions. SAXE Global turnkey banking solutions provide a convenient and streamlined approach to facilitate this process.

A spokesperson said, “Our service reflects our commitment to delivering comprehensive banking solutions that cater to the needs of electronic money institutions. By facilitating online bank account opening, we provide efficient payment systems that give you a distinct edge in the increasingly competitive marketplace while ensuring compliance with industry standards.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://www.saxe-global.com/banking

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