Camden, NJ Relocation Movers: 1 Bedroom Apartment, No Elevator Cost Guide Launch

Photo of author, a no-cost resource for anyone moving within the USA, has launched a new cost approximation guide and no-cost quote tool to help individuals estimate the total rate for moving a 1 bedroom apartment based on several key factors.

The cost to hire a moving company can vary widely, depending on the level of service required, the distance being moved, and several other important factors. This new guide launched by breaks down the cost of moving a one-bedroom apartment, and the factors that may affect the price.

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The recently published report estimates the total cost to move a 1 bedroom apartment should be approximately $300 – $500, but also explains several reasons the price may be higher, and suggests methods for limiting additional charges. This includes several strategies for completing all or part of the move without a professional moving company and guidelines for determining a cost-effective plan.

A chart included in the guide breaks down the costs of a 1 bedroom apartment move based on the distance required and additional services purchased, such as movers insurance or packing services. While the chart estimates an average move weight of 3,500 pounds, it also includes a guide for estimating the weight of a move and explains how that will affect the overall rates.

To reduce costs, the report suggests a list of extra services that can be discussed with the moving company in advance and methods for avoiding these extra charges. This includes moving items down any stairs or long hallways prior to the move, or carrying them up stairs or long hallways at the destination, to reduce carrying charges.

The report also provides a list of complications that can result in additional costs, such as if a moving truck cannot fit down the client’s street, if they require overnight or long-term storage for their possessions, and if they need additional packing supplies. While some of these issues may be unavoidable, the moving expert suggests that they should be discussed in advance with the professionals, to provide an accurate price estimate.

Clients can also use a tool on the website to access up to 7 no-cost, no-obligation quotes from reputable local moving companies by filling out a simple form with details about their move.

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