Toronto Medical Aesthetic Academy: Hair Removal Training Programs Announced

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These training programs from the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy (647-247-2481) have been updated to provide hands-on experience with the most popular medical aesthetic tools and procedures, such as laser hair and tattoo removal, while still allowing students to work mostly at their own pace.

The latest updates to classes from the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy blend online learning at each student’s own pace with a one-week hands-on practical training program, where future aestheticians can get real-world experience, working with real clients.

More information about the updated courses, hands-on training, and a full list of procedures taught at the Dermysk Academy can be found at

By eliminating daily classes from most of their training programs, the Dermysk Academy has made it possible for students to attend from anywhere in Canada, while requiring only one week of in-person training. The majority of the course’s educational portion can be completed online, at any time, before the practical training begins.

With these online courses, students may be able to complete their training in as little as a few months, though they can also take longer to complete the knowledge portion if required, without penalty. By allowing each student to complete the online portion of the course at their own pace, the Dermysk Academy allows students to gain a fuller understanding of the material, before they put their knowledge to practical use.

During the online portion, students will learn about the medical aesthetic industry, important regulations and concerns, and proven business strategies for students who choose to open their own businesses or work from home. They will also learn about the physics and biology behind popular treatments, such as how laser tools can be used to remove hair or tattoos.

After completing the knowledge portion of their training, students will attend a one-week, hands-on course at their nearest Dermysk Academy to complete their certification. After this week of training, each student should be fully qualified, experienced, and ready to join the workforce as a medical aesthetician.

Though most students begin with the Basic course, and many return for the Advanced training, the Dermysk Academy has also launched a third option. The Master level training program includes all the content from both the Basic and Advanced courses, as well as exclusive training not found elsewhere.

Graduation from the Master’s level course will include certification in complex procedures, such as Cool Sculpting and Vampire Lifts, and a Master of Medical Aesthetics certificate.

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