Eads, TN Silk & Wool Area Rug Cleaning: Color Protection Services Expanded

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River City Rug Cleaning (1-901-341-7847) has expanded their services throughout the greater Memphis area, now offering cleaning, color correction, and deodorization for wool, silk, and synthetic area rugs.

Available in Eads, East Memphis, Collierville, Germantown, and Arlington, the company’s newly announced services include routine cleaning and maintenance for high-end oriental rugs.

More information can be found at https://rivercityrugcleaning.com

While River City Rug Cleaning offers treatments for all kinds of rugs and carpets, the latest expansion focuses on protecting delicate silk and wool rugs from regular wear and tear and preventing more severe forms of damage, such as moth infestations, rips, and spotting.

Oriental rugs made from silk and wool can be valuable investments, as well as beautiful items of décor – just as with any work of art, fine rugs can vary in value depending on their rarity, authenticity, and size. River City Rug Cleaning assists collectors and homeowners in maintaining their rugs and preserving their long-term value.

“An oriental rug is a beautiful and expensive investment,” explains a company representative. “At River City Rug Cleaning we understand the delicate nature of these rugs and use special care and methods to clean your rug safely and thoroughly.”

The company’s skilled staff members will use professional cleaning tools to remove dust, dirt, and any other debris that can damage a wool or silk rug, while also identifying any specific areas of the rug that may need special repairs, such as runs or tears.

Normal usage over time can cause the natural silk and wool fibers to become dull, leading to fading and indistinct patterns; and River City Rug Cleaning’s color correction services can restore vibrancy and beauty.

With its professional methods and products designed especially for wool and silk rugs, River City Rug Cleaning can also remove spots or marks left from spills, even when home methods have not been successful.

Alongside routine cleaning and repair, the team can also advise clients on how to protect their valuable rugs from future damage, with guidance on moth treatments, rug pads, and MicroSeal Fabric Protection, a type of textile sealant that can help prevent sun fading, wine spills, and other accidents.

Further details can be found at https://rivercityrugcleaning.com

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