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Best Enterprises (631-651-9524), a general contractor in East Northport, NY, has announced an update to its insulation and exterior siding replacement services for the residents of Huntington and the wider Long Island area.

Best Enterprises now offers products like stone facing, Dutch lap, and clapboard for their house siding solutions. They also offer the heavy insulating material BestWall, which can make houses eligible for energy tax credit programs in 2023, as it reduces the need for heating and cooling.

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Homeowners are increasingly recognizing the importance of sturdy exterior siding. It adds to the aesthetic appeal of a house and plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the property from weather damage, pest infiltration, and temperature fluctuations. Best Enterprises’ latest offerings are aimed at Huntington residents looking to prevent issues and weatherproof their houses as extreme weather increases.

Apart from apparent signs of siding deterioration like visible damage, there are other indicators that the external barrier is insufficient. One sign to look out for is increased energy usage, as the property’s HVAC system needs to work harder to maintain an even temperature. Issues like fungus and mold could imply that the moisture barrier needs to be changed. The first signs of moisture-related problems should be investigated promptly by an experienced siding contractor, as they could cause structural damage and lead to health concerns.

Best Enterprises’ siding options are designed to be waterproof, safeguarding the structure’s masonry, cement, windows, doors, and foundation. This reduces the likelihood of water damage and mold, leading to fewer repair siding needs and lower maintenance costs in the long run.

“A new siding can also add to a house’s curb appeal. The outer walls are visitors’ first impression, giving an overall sense of a well-built home. By adding new siding or repairing damage, people looking to sell can also add value to the property,” the company’s spokesperson said.

Best Enterprises General Contracting is a family-owned company located in East Northport. They are licensed and insured and can assist with various renovations, including roofing, kitchen remodels, and backyard design.

Barry Burke Founder added, “By choosing Best Enterprises General Contracting, you can be confident that your siding project will be handled by skilled professionals who prioritize delivering exceptional results. Our team of local siding contractors has the knowledge and expertise to address any siding issues your house may have, providing reliable repairs or installations that meet your specific needs.”

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