Custom Flip Out Residential Gas Strut Windows For Kitchen Conversions Announced

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OpenUp Windows, designers and manufacturers of pass-through awning windows announces custom flip-out residential gas strut windows for easier, more cost-effective kitchen conversions.

The newly announced addition to the OpenUp Windows brand offers homeowners a more convenient, functional, and affordable pass-through kitchen window feature that opens to a 90-degree angle to join kitchen interiors with outdoor areas.

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Contrary to double-hung or bi-fold windows that impede counter space, block views, and require professional installation, OpenUp Windows’ recently announced gas strut design is hinged at the top to flip out with a simple push. Pre-hung and ready to go, the windows can be installed by homeowners or their contractors.

“Most kitchens have a window that looks out over the deck and the backyard,” says Ed Page, founder and chief engineer at OpenUp Windows. “Now you can easily convert a standard double-hung window into an impressive yet functional pass-through window that maximizes space, views, and home ventilation.”

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Customizable in size, frame color and locking handle color, OpenUp’s windows offer a minimalist aesthetic that won’t clash with existing architectural designs or home design palettes. Homeowners can mount their windows on a countertop for an instant connection to their outdoor entertainment areas. This feature makes dining with friends and family more convenient and enjoyable since food and beverages are simply passed back and forth through the window and not ferried from the kitchen to the patio by the host.

The windows have also been shown to increase the value of the home due to their modern style, ease of use, and their capacity to optimize views and kitchen areas.

At the core of what distinguishes OpenUp Windows’ gas strut flip-out windows is their proprietary 2Fold Technology®. Pioneered by Page, who has over 40 years’ experience as a window and door design engineer, 2Fold Technology combines sustainable Accoya® wood sash interiors with a robust extruded aluminum frame for a durable, long-lasting window that is weatherproof, pest-proof, and termite-resistant.

The company offers a range of glass options and windows can be ordered with a retractable screen that protects against bugs and insects.

With the introduction of their custom flip-out residential window for kitchen conversions, OpenUp Windows makes the addition of a gas strut pass-through awning window one of the best ways homeowners can improve their kitchen layouts and maximize indoor-outdoor accessibility.

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