Galleria, Houston Elegant All-Inclusive Event Venue For Fundraisers Announced

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The Bell Tower on 34th (713-868-2355), an elegant all-inclusive venue for weddings, private and corporate events in The Galleria area in Houston, is now welcoming fundraising events.

The Bell Tower on 34th is now making its historic and opulent ballrooms available to event organizers who are hosting corporate or charity fundraisers. Previously reserved for weddings and exclusive upscale events for elite clientele, the event planning team at The Bell Tower on 34th is proud to now be offering fundraising hosts the elegance of their luxuriously appointed ballrooms.

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The Bell Tower on 34th appreciates that, in 2023, fundraising events are now predominately black-tie, stylish and upscale affairs, and that in order to fundraise big money one needs to put on a big show. They are now connecting with fundraising hosts who are looking to make their next event bigger and better.

Located at 901 W 34th St, The Bell Tower on 34th has four distinct ballrooms that they can offer for corporate and charity fundraisers: their Contessa Ballroom, Carillon Ballroom, Candela ballroom and Chandelier Ballroom. Each room is distinct in character and embodies a different aesthetic—with unique features like grand staircases, skylights, fireplaces, and more—though they are unified by their old-world charm, high ceilings and photogenic quality.

The event planning team at The Bell Tower on 34th can offer prospective hosts a private tour of the venue to talk through each ballroom’s potential and to compare these spaces.

To make the life of their event hosts easier, the venue also offers full event planning services, which include full event management and coordination on the day. They also develop all-inclusive packages for each of their hosts that will allow them to enjoy Houston’s best audiovisual systems, design concepts, catering, and more.

The Bell Tower on 34th’s ballrooms have become well-known amongst Houston high society, and they believe they make an elegant, enjoyable and donation-inspiring backdrop for any formal fundraising event.

A spokesperson for the event venue said, “Imagine yourself arriving at the gates of The Bell Tower on 34th, feeling like royalty as you reach one of Houston’s most unique party venues’ grand entrance. You take a moment to soak in the majestic view—from the intricate wrought iron details to the operating bells in the famous bell tower. As you step inside, you are greeted by a warm and welcoming staff who will cater to your every need during your event. At The Bell Tower on 34th, you can achieve another level of events, and the beauty of the venue will dazzle your guests.”

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