Fixing Poor Brand Perception: Negative Branding Improvement Guide Released

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London: Los Angeles (LO:LA), a creative agency based in El Segundo, has released the latest in a series of insight-driven articles about various topics concerning branding.

“6 Simple Steps to Positively Affect Poor Brand Perception” aims to inform business owners and individual brand managers about the options available to salvage a brand that is performing poorly owing to negative perception. According to LO:LA, the tips it provides differ as they were drawn from the agency’s own experience working with many global brands.

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Brand perception refers to how consumers or the target audience perceive and interpret a particular brand. According to experience management company Qualtrics, it is “what customers believe a product or service represents,” and not “what the company owning the brand says it does.”

“It doesn’t matter if you or your team believe that your product is the best in your market. If your intended audience thinks otherwise, your own perception quickly becomes invalidated, and that will reflect on your bottom line, too,” LO:LA said in a statement.

In its latest piece, the agency offers a number of steps that a business can employ to “positively affect” a poorly performing brand. One such step is monitoring one’s brand perception.

LO:LA explained that a brand’s status in the market is dynamic, with various factors affecting how it is perceived by onlookers. “Regularly monitor your brand perception through market research, social listening, and customer feedback to track progress and adjust your strategy as needed,” LO:LA advised.

Once a negative perception is established, the agency proposes identifying the root cause of it through methods like market research. Afterward, a number of initiatives can be taken such as calibrating its brand positioning, engaging with customers, and leveraging partnerships with personalities like influencers and brand advocates.

LO:LA also cautioned against rushing the brand rebuilding process, stating that reorienting outside perception of the brand “takes time and effort.”

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