Catalina Foothills Solar Panel Provider Selection Guide: Newsletter Updated

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Commander Curtis has announced a new update to Tucson Solar Insider, his region-specific solar power newsletter – delivering pricing practical tips and advice through regular emails.

In Catalina Foothills, residents are often bombarded with sales pitches from solar providers, leaving them unsure of what to say or how to react. The newly updated newsletter provides detailed information about installing solar panels, and how to manage forceful sales representatives from local providers.

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Following the recent update, new subscribers will gain access to a list of ten essential questions to ask sales representatives. This helps to discern the credibility of solar providers – and encourages readers to avoid pushy salespeople – so they can make installation or upgrade decisions on their own terms.

The author notes that finding reliable information about local solar companies can be challenging due to the prevalence of national businesses that pay for favorable listings on review sites. The newsletter offers practical search tips to assist readers in discovering the best solar providers in Tuscon, allowing them to make choices based on merit and quality rather than biased advertising.

By subscribing to the newsletter, readers will receive regular emails covering an array of topics related to solar energy. These include a detailed look into the permits required for anyone considering a rooftop solar panel installation. Other options include exploring the most suitable financing options for residential solar panels – so readers can make more informed decisions about their system.

Interest in solar energy has increased in recent years – and it is predicted to account for 54% of new generating capacity in 2023. As more Tucson residents recognize the environmental and financial benefits of solar power, the newsletter aims to be their trusted guide.

A spokesperson states: “I have a unique position because of my love for Tucson, my love for going solar, my love for honesty and integrity, and my love for sales. I know not only a lot about the systems, how they’re designed, installed and all that, but also a lot about the sales techniques more like tactics that can be deployed.”

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