Calculated Common Stock Selector For New Investor Capital Growth Launched

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Solomon RC Ali Corporation, the established financial consulting firm of private equity investor Solomon RC Ali, has launched a new capital growth advice platform for novice investors.

Called Solomon’s Picks, the new capital growth platform assesses publicly listed companies and evaluates their growth potential for prospective investors. The intention behind Solomon’s Picks is to share the insights that Solomon RC Ali has gained in his four decades of experience working as both a private equity investor and a finance and business consultant taking companies public.

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Solomon RC Ali Corporation has seen that although investing has become popular in post-pandemic America, novice investors rarely have the tools or know-how to make money through stock selection unless they seek independent and verified advice.

As such, Solomon RC Ali hopes that his capital growth advice platform can be a first step for novice investors on their investment journey, offering a regularly updated assessment of publicly listed companies.

With Solomon’s Picks, Solomon RC Ali applies the same criteria he would in his own work as a private equity investor. This means he critically judges publicly listed companies for their growth potential. This is a detailed and intensive process that involves carefully considering a company’s current management structure, the rate of reinvestment of their current capital, their growth history and the growth rates of the market or industry they belong to.

Solomon RC Ali Corporation is the financial consultancy firm of Solomon RC Ali. In his almost forty years of work in the world of business and finance, he has overseen over 140 high-profile mergers, acquisitions and public listings and has raised nearly $1 billion in structured capital for businesses.

He recommends Solomon’s Picks to novice investors who are looking to gain a better understanding of the way stocks are valued and how to judge the capital growth potential of both newly listed and established public companies.

A spokesperson for Solomon RC Ali said, “No matter where you are on your investing journey, we can help. That’s why Solomon RC Ali has created Solomon’s Picks, a space where you can locate companies that he personally sees excelling in four main pillars of sustainability and growth. Solomon RC Ali looks for companies that he believes are positioned to significantly increase in value and therefore can potentially direct your portfolio toward generational wealth.”

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