Short Selling Strategies For Amateur Traders: Day Trading Mentorship Updated

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Renowned trading education platform ‘My Investing Club’ (MIC) announces updates to its coaching syllabus and mentorship program for aspiring traders.

The latest launch sees the expansion of MIC’s short selling tutorials, helping beginners and more experienced traders alike expand their skill sets to perform consistently in all market cycles. The platform’s flagship mentorship program gives subscribers the opportunity to have one-to-one sessions with a seasoned and successful trader – to ask questions and have their trades reviewed.

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The announcement highlights MIC’s commitment to supporting newcomers in the trading space. Membership requires no previous experience or knowledge and offers a proven way to expedite one’s learning curve toward financial self-sufficiency. The short selling coaching joins an already comprehensive list of topics including technical analysis and hedge fund strategies.

Short selling, also referred to as ‘shorting’ or ‘going short’, involves taking a bearish position in the market. This strategy seeks to profit from a stock losing value. According to Investopedia, short sellers often get unfairly viewed as callous by attempting to profit from others’ misfortune. However, shorting plays a vital role in maintaining market liquidity while acting as a tempering influence on investor over-exuberance.

The MIC training suite guides subscribers through the essential building blocks of short selling. This includes setting up a margin account and finding a suitable broker. This relationship is crucial to short selling because the broker is the one who borrows the shares and ensures that they can be delivered on the specified due date.

Other topics covered include Regulation SHO and its requisite ‘locate’ and ‘close-out’ stipulations for short sales, perfecting the timing of short selling, and balancing risk and reward. While short selling has the potential for very lucrative returns, the losses can, in theory, be limitless, making robust risk management essential for traders.

Mentoring sessions can be conducted via voice call or direct messaging and the pro trader panel are available seven days a week for consultations. MIC’s weekly webinar series offers live market recaps while members are also given daily trading blueprints to give them a head start before the market opens for business.

A spokesperson says, “The biggest shortcut to success in any field is through 1 on 1 mentorship with those who are exceptional. Because we truly want our members to succeed, we offer this on an unlimited basis for voice chat & direct message.”

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