UK Triangular Window Shutters & Shades, Design Aesthetics Report Released

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Shuttercraft, one of the United Kingdom’s largest and most trusted fitters of made-to-measure blinds and shutters, has released a new consumer report on triangular window shutters.

As made-to-measure and custom blinds and shutters fitters, Shuttercraft knows that in homes across the United Kingdom, there is a vast array of window styles, shapes and sizes, with the uniquely shaped arch windows, sash windows and bay windows all common. However, as the window experts’ newest consumer report describes, one of the most distinctive window styles in the country may be the triangular window, which is why they are proud to be now helping homeowners make the most of the aesthetics of this architecturally attractive window.

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Shuttercraft has witnessed significant growth in the popularity of the triangular window in recent years, particularly in modern homes. As a recent article on Lush Homes stated, many architects now favour triangular windows because they add visual interest to both the interior and exterior of a home and can be used to accentuate an architectural design further and to create a focal point in a room.

As Shuttercraft adds, triangular shapes draw the eye while the eye glances over a standard rectangular or square window. What this means for homeowners is that any window dressings must be carefully thought out.

While many homeowners may be tempted to leave their triangular window completely open, which can make for a visually bold design, as Shuttercraft explains, it tends to be impractical, as blinds and shutters are essential for insulation, privacy and light control. As such, their new consumer report covers all the factors a homeowner should consider when thinking about how best to frame their triangular window.

As their report also details, custom-made-to-measure shutters and shades are the only way when it comes to triangular windows. As such, Shuttercraft’s article gives homeowners an introduction to the different ways they can choose to structure their new shutters, including by creating a singular triangle-shaped shutter, by more conventionally splitting the triangle in two, or by isolating the triangle, which can create some particularly distinctive modern shapes.

While Shuttercraft’s design team appreciates that the triangular window is a feature in and of itself, they believe that it can become a true aesthetic centrepiece in a home with the right shutters and shades.

Shuttercraft has branches throughout the United Kingdom and a nationwide design team happy to offer an initial phone or online consultation to help homeowners start their window shutters creation process.

A spokesperson for the blinds and shutters fitters said, “Triangular window shutters should be designed to work with your windows and your room. This might mean choosing from a single panel, split triangle, or isolated triangle design. Get it right, and you’ll have a beautiful shutter that adds privacy, light control, insulation, and kerb appeal to your home.”

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