Kentucky Hyper-Targeted Multimedia Content; Business Coach Marketing Announced

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Content marketing firm MaxDRIVE announces a new multimedia solution for business coaches and consultancies in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee.

The new service offers a variety of hyper-targeted materials, including articles, blog posts, podcasts, slideshows, infographics, and videos, that can be distributed across more than 400 high-authority websites. The content is developed by a team of professional writers and marketers, with a focus on the specific products or services that a business would like to promote.

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MaxDRIVE developed its new solution in line with the latest search engine algorithms, with the goal of greatly increasing organic search results for business coaches and consultants. The creation of professionally written content is also designed to build brand awareness and position businesses as an authority in their field.

According to recent research from Accenture, up to 92% of B2B engagements begin with an online search, and 94% conduct research into a company before deciding to move forward. As a result, SEO remains a central component of lead generation, and content is becoming increasingly important in building online reputation.

The multimedia content now offered by MaxDRIVE is distributed across a wide variety of reputable platforms, with the intention of increasing online visibility. The use of different formats, such as video, podcast, and slideshows, is also designed to reach the widest possible audience.

As most search engines use localization technology to recommend nearby businesses, MaxDRIVE’s new solution aims to leverage this by placing an emphasis on the region that business coaches and consultants operate. When combined with a focus on product or service keywords, this approach is aimed at giving maximum SEO results.

About MaxDRIVE

MaxDRIVE has leveraged several media partnerships in the development of its latest content marketing solution. This has allowed the firm to create a comprehensive content marketing solution that also remains affordable for small businesses.

“Our team of content creators have discovered the secret formula for driving website traffic that leads to appointments with your high-value target prospects,” a company representative explained. “It all comes down to sharing multi-media content on the largest and most influential websites and platforms on the internet.”

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