Frisco Cannabis Local SEO, Industry-Specific Digital Marketing Service Launched

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Frisco-based marketing agency Cannabiz Marketing Solutions (+1-214-888-4364), has announced an SEO service designed specifically for the US hemp industry.

The new update was designed to drive measurable ranking improvements for businesses across the cannabis industry, from growers to manufacturers or small ancillary companies.

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With legal cannabis sales in the US reaching $21 billion last year, there is increasing demand for marketing solutions for businesses in cultivation, retail, manufacturing, and wholesale. The latest move from Cannabiz Marketing Solutions prioritizes organic lead generation and visibility to help clients achieve their growth goals.

The cannabis industry faces unique hurdles when it comes to marketing due to restrictions on social media platforms. Recognizing this ongoing issue, Cannabiz Marketing Solutions has developed industry-specific marketing strategies to help businesses effectively promote their products and services.

The company explains that industry knowledge is paramount, as engaging in cannabis-related content on social media platforms can jeopardize a user’s account, leading to the loss of a hard-earned social following.

The agency’s SEO services focus on delivering high rankings on Google Maps and organic search results. With 154 million monthly users, Google Maps represents a valuable opportunity for businesses to boost their online visibility. The agency leverages this platform to connect clients to a larger, more qualified audience.

The team argues that managed SEO is a crucial investment for long-term growth, allowing clients to build local search visibility and increase website traffic. By optimizing keywords, implementing effective link-building strategies, and conducting thorough site audits, the agency improves brand exposure for businesses of all types.

Complementing their SEO services, Cannabiz Marketing Solutions provides full web design solutions and creates mobile-optimized sites on the WordPress platform. These combine optimal functionality and SEO effectiveness, enabling businesses to deliver an engaging user experience.

The agency also has a team of experienced cannabis business experts with years of content marketing and video production experience.

A spokesperson states: “Digital marketing for cannabis is different than other niches. Your local marketing company that has historically worked with contractors, restaurants, and hairdressers simply doesn’t know the rules of what Google, other SERPS, and social media allow. We do.”

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