Heart Palpitations Symptoms, Eating/Nighttime Arrhythmia Causes: New Book Launch

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John Martin is launching his brand new eBook, “Eliminate Heart Palpitations Without Using Prescription Drugs”. It’s available online as an instant download to help people suffering with this common problem. More information is available at: https://info.vivovista.com/heart1

New author John Martin is launching his brand new eBook, “Eliminate Heart Palpitations Without Using Prescription Drugs”. A highlight of the book is the fact that it reveals a hidden cause of heart palpitations that no one is talking about, even most cardiologists don’t know about it either. The eBook is set to go live today and is available online as an instant download.

More information on the eBook can be found here: https://info.vivovista.com/heart1

A recent study revealed that over the last few years there has been a significant rise in the number of people suffering from arterial fibrillation (a type of heart arrhythmia). Unfortunately, the study didn’t give any insights into why this may be happening.

It’s not just arterial fibrillation either, other types of heart irregularities are also on the rise. Unfortunately, very little research seems to be going on to find out what is causing the increase in arrhythmia, even though this has been going on for several decades.

A new eBook by John Martin reveals some of the causes that people may be unaware of, as well as hidden cause that even most cardiologist don’t know about. What’s more, the book reveals that many heart arrhythmia’s can be eliminated VERY easily with an inexpensive natural solution. So why is no one talking about this?

Around 15 years ago, Martin himself started suffering from heart palpitations for no apparent reason. This worried him because he’d always been very health. What was even more worrying was that at the same time, he also developed a whole catalogue of other health problems, including major depression. The depression was so bad that he seriously contemplated suicide.

He knew that this sudden onset was not normal and there had to be a cause, the problem was finding it.

John Martin has an educational background in science and has studied both physics and biology at an advanced level. Armed with this knowledge, he was able to dig into scientific literature and not only understand the cause of his arrhythmia, but also how to get rid of it; and without resorting to prescription drugs.

Martin said, “People have this perception that pharmaceutical drugs are the answer to all their health issues. They do have their place, but in many cases there are better alternatives, alternatives that don’t come with side effects.”

Martin went on to say, “The medical profession aren’t interested in finding the CAUSE of many health issues. They are only interested in treating symptoms, and if they can treat those symptoms by keeping people on expensive prescription drugs for the rest of their lives, they consider that to be a success…. This is just wrong.”

This is the first book Martin has authored. The book was written with the aim of helping people understand what might be causing their heart palpitations, including a very common hidden cause that no one is talking about. The eBook’s cover art was created by the author himself and Eliminate Heart Palpitations Without Using Prescription Drugs is also being released by the author.

Martin has hopes that the book will inspire people to take back control of their health and lead happier, healthier, and longer lives..

Those interested in learning more about the eBook can visit here: https://info.vivovista.com/heart1

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