Indoor Air Sanitation Consultant For Condominiums: Purification System Announced

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Onsite Utility Services Capital, LLC announces a new update to its indoor air sanitation consultation service for condo owners and managers nationwide.

Following the impact of the pandemic, many condo owners are seeking affordable and efficient solutions allowing them to reduce the threat of airborne viruses on their property. The updated service includes an expert assessment of the building, indoor air quality improvement strategies, and energy efficiency guidance.

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By assessing and improving air quality, the consultants from Onsite Utility Services Capital can help condo owners to create a healthier living environment for occupants. The company utilizes multiple clean-air solution which can eliminate VOCs, allergens and bacteria.

Businesses and property owners can now benefit from improved air quality without any upfront cost through energy savings using ASHRAE 62.1 for clean air. The company provides comprehensive maintenance for the entire duration of the service term – freeing up capital for other pressing issues and providing condo owners with off-balance-sheet flexibility.

By adopting the clean air system, property owners can also reduce operational costs. The device doesn’t rely on circulating outside air – reducing dependency on air distribution – and kills the mold that often clogs ventilation coils within air conditioner units. This leads to lower energy utilization, resulting in decreased energy expenses.

Onsite leverages advanced scientific principles to combat harmful pathogens effectively. Through a process of binding and disrupting proteins, the device can kill or render pathogens unable to replicate.

Onsite Utility Services Capital has been providing efficiency guidance for years and offers a full Energy Savings-as-a-service package to provide clients with full energy efficiency upgrades across all areas of their building.

To learn more about Onsite Utility Services Capital’s indoor air sanitation services, a consultation form is available on the company’s website. By completing the form, property owners can initiate the process, and a dedicated specialist will make contact to discuss the next steps and provide personalized recommendations.

Fritz Kreiss, Onsite’s CEO commented “No matter what kind of building, property, or facility you have, Onsite’s Clean Air Solutions are the smart and sensible solution to reopening and operating safely in today’s post-Covid world. You can improve safety for occupants and save energy.”

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