FIREWORKS Communications Announces Google, Bing, YouTube Search Box Optimization

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FIREWORKS Communications’ recently announced a service that helps businesses reach the first page of search results and auto-suggestions on Google, Bing, and Youtube.

Following the announcement, FIREWORKS Communications offers Search Box Optimization (SBO) services for businesses looking to boost their online visibility. The innovative technology aims to reduce businesses’ dependence on pay-per-click (PPC) strategies, and land on the first page of the largest search engines.

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The company’s new Search Box Optimization services help businesses position their brands strategically in the auto-suggest dropdown lists of search boxes. By combining industry-specific keywords with a brand’s name, the search query delivers a first-page “billboard ad,” directing consumers straight to a company’s website. This method provides businesses with exclusive front-page results, often displaying ten or more organic links of content and images.

Research suggests that 92% of consumers visit YouTube weekly, and 76% of Google searches begin with auto-complete, so positioning brands early in the search process naturally leads to increased customer leads and conversions.

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However, unlike PPC, where brands can get lost among numerous search results, SBO ensures that brands appear in the auto-complete results before their competitors. Moreover, SBO services are purely performance-based, with FIREWORKS Communications partnering up with clients on a pay-per-results pricing structure, giving them total control over their ad spend.

About the Company

FIREWORKS Communications is a results-driven firm that utilizes a comprehensive range of integrated marketing and public relations skills to help clients achieve their business and financial goals. With a focus on creative branding, market positioning, and thought leadership, the firm assists in building a strong brand reputation and fueling effective lead generation campaigns. They also develop strategic go-to-market and product launch plans to expedite the adoption of products and services, while their omni-channel communications strategies enhance customer engagement and loyalty.

“We find the branding angles, trending news interviews, or eye-popping graphics and videos, that will garner the attention of your customers. Customers are not attracted by the written word alone but want to experience your brand. For our clients to engage with their customers, we develop branded experiences – whether lead generation webinars or speaking opportunities, or product media tours. We’re experienced in marketing strategy, branding, messaging, content marketing, lead generation, and public relations,” a representative said.

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