Madisonville, LA 1 Percent Listing Agency For Home Sellers; Brokerage Announced

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Real estate brand 1 Percent Lists announces its expansion into Madisonville, LA with the launch of 1 Percent Lists Premier (+1 985 789 6095).

With this latest announcement, the 1 Percent Lists brand brings its cost-efficient, customer-oriented 1 percent listing model to homeowners in Madisonville, LA. A leading discount real estate brokerage, 1 Percent Lists is reshaping the real estate industry by replacing the traditional 6 – 8 percent agent commissions model with a nominal 1 percent listing fee.

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Madisonville is recognized as one of the best places to live in Louisiana due to its rural lifestyle, high quality of living, and affordable real estate. With over 80 percent of residents owning their own homes, the area is attractive to families and young professionals alike. With the arrival of 1 Percent Lists Premier, home buyers and sellers both stand to benefit from strong competition within the real estate sector from a business model that leverages technology and lowers overhead to offer a 50 percent reduction (or more) in overall commissions.

“With our 1 percent listing fee, we can save our clients thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in commissions,” says a spokesperson for 1 Percent Lists Premier. “In fact, with our digital marketing expertise, we’d say we go above and beyond the traditional but more costly real estate approach.”

1 Percent Lists Premier operates on a modernized and streamlined business model that combines today’s most effective marketing technologies with an approach that focuses squarely on their clients’ success. Agents charge home sellers just 1 percent while the buyer’s agent is paid the standard 2.5 – 3 percent for total commissions of between 3.5 – 4 percent paid.

A sample comparison of traditional 6 percent commissions vs. the 1 Percent Lists model reveals a home valued at the median Madisonville price, $336,800, would cost the seller paying 6 percent a total of $20,208 in commissions. Using the 1 Percent model, that same seller would pay between $10,104 – $11,788 in commissions, amounting to a savings of between $8,420 – $10,104.

While 1 Percent Lists Premier offers a reduction in fees, services offered rival any traditional agency. Sellers can expect professional photography; expert contract negotiations; home showing management; comprehensive online marketing through platforms such as the MLS,, Zillow, and Trulia; robust social media marketing; management of all transaction paperwork, and more.

A recent client says, “Best real estate experience ever. Stacia from 1 Percent Lists Premier added value in so many ways, making the process easy and stress-free. Five stars and highly recommended.”

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