Medium Roasted Seasonal Espresso Blend For Milk-Based Coffee Drinks Launched

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Online specialty coffee retailer GoCoffeeGo has updated its inventory with new seasonal espresso blends.

The latest blends incorporate coffee produced from seasonally ripe coffee beans from different parts of the world. Highlighted among the featured coffees is the Dharma Espresso Blend, which is suitable for milk-based drinks and espresso shots.

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Due to the nature of the new espressos, the flavor and coffee beans used will vary throughout the year, depending on which cultivars are ready for harvest. The current iteration of the Dharma Espresso Blend, which is provided by the award-winning Temple Coffee, is a medium roast derived from three different cultivars from Brazil, Guatemala, and Ethiopia, creating a unique taste that reflects the traits of the coffee beans used.

The Brazilian component of the Dharma Espresso Blend originates from the state of Minas Gerais, where the coffee beans are grown on a high-altitude farm in the municipality of Campos Altos. These beans contribute to the rich, creamy body of the espresso and impart it with sweet notes of chocolate and maple syrup. Conversely, the Guatemalan coffee used for the blend is harvested in Alotenango, where it’s both wet-milled and dry-milled at separate facilities.

The Ethiopian beans in the blend are grown and naturally processed in the Sidama region, adding a fruity sweetness characteristic of Ethiopian coffee. The final product is a full-bodied espresso with moderate acidity and hints of dried cherries, baking spices, and cocoa.

With its complex flavor profile, the Dharma Espresso Blend lends itself well to milk-based espresso beverages, such as cappuccinos, macchiatos, and café lattes. It can also be enjoyed as ristrettos, single or double shots, and lungos.

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