Black Surgical & Dental Instruments: Stainless Steel Surgeon Supplies Launched

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SurgiMac, a US-based bulk rate supplier for medical and dental supplies, has launched a new all-black set, the SurgiMac Titanium Black Series, which includes Metzenbaum surgical scissors, micro dissecting scissors, and bone chisels.

This new surgical instrument collection launched by SurgiMac is constructed using high-quality stainless steel, with the addition of a sleek black coating that offers several benefits, as well as a unique aesthetic.

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All Black series instruments from SurgiMac are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are fully autoclavable for sterilization. Though typically made with stainless steel, several of these new instruments also contain high-strength inserts for additional durability, such as in the bone chisel and iris scissors.

The new iris scissors, also known as iris forceps in some countries, use high-strength tungsten carbide inserts to ensure the longevity and accuracy of the blades. While these scissors were originally designed for ophthalmic procedures, the new version makes it easier to use them for a wide range of operations, including fine tissue dissection and fine suture removal.

Similarly, SurgiMac’s new bone chisels use a titanium coating to add extra strength and durability, without increasing the chisel’s weight. The set includes a variety of sharp, interchangeable blades in sizes ranging from 2mm to 12mm, to accommodate almost any client’s anatomy.

While the new surgical instruments are similar in design to the traditional options, the new Black series provides superior scratch resistance, a non-reflective, non-reactive surface for high visibility, and a unique aesthetic appearance. However, while SurgiMac sells a complete range of medical, dental, and surgical instruments, there are currently only 5 instruments in the new Black series.

The new Black instrument collection is available for clinics anywhere in the USA and at bulk rates for dentists or surgeons that have already registered for a SurgiMac account. While the company does serve individual users as well, the bulk rate service is only available to local healthcare professionals, who can register on their website at no cost.

Users that are already registered for SurgiMac’s bulk rate service can also access these new instruments with same-day shipping, at no additional cost. To access the fast shipping program, clients only need to register their clinic, and then place an order before noon, EST, to have it shipped the same day.

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