US Mobile Tilt Skillet Double Oven Kitchen Trailer Rental Services Announced

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Morgan Chase Catering (877-926-6694) has announced updates to its mobile kitchen trailer rental services. The company can provide long and short-term food catering solutions throughout the country.

Its nationwide network of mobile kitchens is now available for deployment for projects, lasting 14 days or longer, as well as for large-scale catering requirements on job sites. MCM Catering adheres to world-class safety and technical standards.

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The modern, clean, and reliable mobile kitchens will be available on demand and equipped to cater to large groups of people, such as government employees and disaster relief teams. From its experience in the emergency response sector, MCM Catering has mobile kitchens positioned throughout the US, ready for delivery to job sites and other locations.

It can provide food service and catering solutions, including short-term commercial projects, military training contracts, government contracts, and long-term rentals for industrial organizations.

The catering and kitchen rental company recognizes that on many job sites, such as commercial, military, disaster relief, fire response, union strikes, and other projects that can occur. As such, its flexible services ensure clients can access reliable, long-term food preparation facilities.

Once contacted, the team will coordinate the rental and delivery of the trailer or skid kitchen as soon as possible. The fleet of mobile kitchens is fully-customizable and can be delivered to locations with limited food preparation facilities.

Each basic mobile trailer typically contains a tilt skillet, storage space, ovens, sinks, vent-a-hoods, fryers, and fire suppression. Alternatively, the premium kitchens are customizable and can include extra features such as generators, refrigerators, and expanded storage.

“We provide professional mobile kitchens, food supply, and staff and feed our customers where ever they dine – which makes our inventory and deployment easy for you. Contact us to discuss leasing our high-quality mobile kitchen trailers”, a spokesperson for the company said.

About Morgan Chase Catering

Since joining the restaurant and catering business 30 years ago, the company has worked with clients in the oil, construction, military, law enforcement, and government sectors. ‍MCM Catering has extensive experience working at disaster relief operation sites with little power, water, and shelter access. For decades, it has provided emergency response food services to those affected by natural disasters, including hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes, as well as long-term projects for the government and military. Its team prepared 30,000 meals a day across eight camps during Hurricane Katrina.

More information can be found by visiting or by calling 877-926-6694.