Choosing a Good Career Development Coach-for C-Suites looking to change careers

Photo of author has published its latest article covering Choosing a Good Career Development Coach, which is aimed primarily at C-Suite who are looking to change careers. The article is available for viewing in full at has published a new article entitled How to Choose a Good Career Development Coach, which sheds light on the most important aspects of Choosing a Good Career Development Coach for C-Suite who are looking to change careers. Many are feeling stuck in their current job? Clients want to pivot into something new but don’t know where to start. Want to fast-track a career? C-Synergy Career Coaching will help clients discover a true calling and guide clients toward an ideal professional role. C-Synergy offers a range of coaching services to help clients pivot into new roles and industries, start a business, enhance clients’ executive skills, and accelerate all aspects of clients careers. and other interested individuals can view the full article at

The article includes several interesting pieces of information, one, in particular, is Arrange a Consultation: Once clients have selected a short list of potential career coaches the next step is to schedule a consultation. A consultation offers a chance to get to know the person and ask questions prior to committing to an engagement. Some coaches charge for a consultation and others offer it for free. Be sure to ask if the cost of the consultation will be applied to the coaching fee if clients decide to move forward.. This should be of particular interest to C-Suite who are looking to change careers because It gives clients the insights and questions to ask of a new career coach, so clients know how to choose one.

Clients achieve success by deciding on their coaching goals, researching potential mentors, conducting consultations, evaluating each one’s offer, taking into account logistics and expenses, and making a decision based on both qualitative and quantitative factors that are important to them. Take time and invest in competent coaching and then be ready to do the work. The combination of a strong mentor with a commitment to self-development and learning will provide a solid return on investment that will pay financial and fulfillment dividends for the rest of a career.. The best example of this is perhaps found in the following extract:

‘Whether you want to change careers or are just starting out, finding a good career development coach will help you find an ideal job. A professional coach can help get you crystal clear on your goals, build a compelling personal brand, and help identify, find, and land a role that best fits your skills, abilities, and interests. Following is a “how-to” guide to assist you in choosing a reputable career coach who can help you make the best possible choices in your career development.’

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“Coaching has become a multi-billion dollar in recent years and there are no government regulations. As a result, the number of coaches has ballooned in recent years. While most coaches will provide some benefit, you want to find one that fits your needs and who will provide the best return on your investment..”

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