New York High-Rise Apartment Movers: Long-Distance Moving Checklist Released

Photo of author, one of the longest-established moving resources on the internet, has published a detailed moving checklist for movers looking to make long-distance relocations from high-rise apartments in New York.

The newly published checklist offers readers a detailed plan for every phase of the moving process, from two months before to moving day itself. Using the guide’s checklist and timeline will help movers keep track of their progress in a thorough, stress-free manner.

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The launch of’s checklist comes as long-distance moving has seen a significant increase recently. A February 2023 report from Forbes reveals that in the past few years, a significant number of American movers—17% of the total number—moved to be closer to their families or returned home, and 16% of that total moved across state lines.’s new checklist was conceived to be a helpful resource for an increasing number of Americans making long-distance moves. Readers stand to benefit from long-term planning templates and advice, as long-distance moves usually require more extensive and detailed foresight and planning.’s checklist covers five phases of the long-distance relocation process, with steps for two months out from moving day, one month out, two weeks out, two days out, and moving day itself. Each phase has its own strategy, from laying out the moving plan, notifying affected parties, and confirming services, to beginning packing, securing cash and essential items for move-out day, and ensuring everything is ready to go on that day.

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