College Planning & Savings: Financial Advisory Services In Riverside Expanded

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Wealth Planning by Bob Chitrathorn (1-951-465-6409) has expanded its range of college planning and savings consulting services for Riverside clients.

The newly revised financial services, aimed at college-bound students and their loved ones, include detailed guidance on how to create a college savings plan, discern eligibility for merit-based scholarships, and navigate the process of applying for financial aid.

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With a focus on helping students avoid student loans and stay debt-free, the expanded planning solutions from Wealth Planning by Bob Chitrathorn of Simplified Wealth Management offer a roadmap to reduce out-of-pocket costs at an individual’s chosen school and maintain financial independence, regardless of income level or college tuition prices.

According to the Education Data Initiative (2023), the average amount of student loan debt in the United States is nearly $40,000 per student per year, creating a life-long burden for many people. With the financial advisory and college planning services from Wealth Planning by Bob Chitrathorn, young people can put techniques in place right away to avoid the student loan trap and enjoy a better financial position when they graduate. Founder Bob Chitrathorn says, “Timing is critical for most college planning strategies, so it is imperative that you start your planning immediately. Any delay may end up needlessly costing you thousands of dollars on your college bill.”

The company’s financial planning and management services are tailored for families from every type of financial background, with advice for low-income and middle-income families on how to make the most out of financial aid options alongside tips for high-income families to apply tax breaks, asset planning, gifting, tuition discounting, and funding strategies.

The financial advisory strategies on offer also include detailed information to address common questions and misperceptions about college planning, such as the way in which a private college may be less expensive than a public university, common mistakes that often drive up college costs, how financial aid eligibility can be increased or lost, the benefits of test prep, and ways a business can be leveraged to reduce university expenses.

With help from Wealth Planning by Bob Chitrathorn, families are able to create a customized college plan with realizable savings strategies alongside tips and techniques for funding any shortfalls that may arise, so student loans can be reduced or avoided altogether.

Along with college planning services, Wealth Planning by Bob Chitrathron offers retirement advice, detailed investment strategies, risk management tips, and estate-conservation guidance.

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