Chaplain Services: Tailored Spiritual Care For Small School Communities Expands

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The National School Chaplain Association (405-831-3299) has updated their chaplain services so that they can better provide tailored spiritual care to small school communities.

The association has long been the governing body for school chaplains in the United States, responsible for training new chaplains and placing them in elementary, middle, and high schools across the country. Now, with their expanded tailored spiritual care services, the National School Chaplain Association is working alongside small school communities, both public and private, and especially in remote and regional areas, who would like to have a dedicated school chaplain working with their staff and students.

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As the needs of staff, students, and school communities across the US change, the National School Chaplain Association is likewise changing the way they train new chaplains and is retraining experienced chaplains to ensure they have the knowledge and tools they need to make a meaningful difference.

The association has observed that small school communities, especially those in rural areas, face systemic disadvantages when it comes to providing their students with mental health and pastoral care; both of which school chaplains can provide. As the latest research from Washington State University showcased, rural schools are 19% less likely to have this kind of support than city schools.

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Given that students are reporting higher levels of anxiety, depression, and bullying than ever before and school teachers are likewise experiencing higher rates of burnout than ever before, the National School Chaplain Association believes there are vast gaps in the community support offered to schools.

As such, they recommend that any school director or district head get in contact with the association to see how a tailored spiritual care solution can be developed for their school/s, one which will work to improve mental health amongst both staff and students.

A spokesperson for the National School Chaplain Association said, “Hiring a chaplain in your school makes a direct impact on the students, staff, educators, as well as the entire community through increased school safety, better teacher retention, and enhanced mental health support.”

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