Newark, NJ Pre-Screened Movers For Apartments: Packing & Moving Report Launched

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A new report launched by breaks down the costs of a typical move, how they can be reduced, and several options for choosing what should be packed and what should be left behind.

This new report from explains how much it may cost to hire a professional moving company, how to get estimates from local professionals, and how to determine which items need to be relocated, and which should be left behind or thrown away.

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While the rates for moving companies can vary widely based on several factors, such as location, carrying distance, and whether stairs are involved, this new report from suggests a simple method to reduce the rate. When unwanted possessions are eliminated, the moving company has fewer items and less weight to move, which is the primary factor when determining the price.

The report suggests several methods for determining which objects should be kept and includes a simple flowchart for difficult-to-determine objects. Though does not suggest throwing away or donating items that are valuable, either monetarily or emotionally, it does highlight several key areas where the weight can often be reduced.

Users can also access a no-cost price quote tool on the website to get up to 7 estimates from local professionals with no obligation. This tool allows users to enter details about their upcoming move into a simple form and then shares the information with 7 top-rated local companies so they can provide estimated rates.

The report focuses on three main areas: items to be donated, items to be sold, and items to be trashed. However, experts also suggest several other options, in situations where a user may have too many objects they do not wish to get rid of.

For example, the report suggests using a storage unit to temporarily keep items that won’t be needed right away, which can be picked up later when it is more convenient. While using a storage unit does include additional costs, the report highlights that this is balanced out by the reduced moving rate, and the convenience of having less to transport on moving day.

A spokesperson for explained, “Depending on the condition, you may want to sell, donate or throw away items that you have no use for, are broken, have never been used, or have no sentimental value. It is often a difficult decision to make when it comes to throwing things away, but we all have stuff we don’t need.”

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