Jersey City Movers For No-Elevator Apartments, House Moving Guide Launched

Photo of author has launched a house moving guide for out-of-state movers in Jersey City, NJ, as well as a no-obligation cost estimate calculator for moving companies serving elevator-less apartment dwellers in the same area.

The new house moving guide breaks the process down into a series of manageable steps. Readers will find a handy checklist of essential tasks they should complete before moving their house, such as notifying the mortgage company that financed the home purchase, obtaining the necessary building permits, finding a contractor to disconnect services, and considering an insurance policy.

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A February 2023 LendingTree survey found that 31% of Americans are considering moving sometime this year. Respondents’ top motivations are upgrading their living situation and the desire to live in a different area, city, or state.’s new guide can help these individuals reach their goals without abandoning their current house.

Among the most important pointers offered in the article is the suggestion that readers should notify the mortgage company that financed the original home purchase before moving their home. If they do not receive the company’s written approval, movers may be required to pay the full balance of their mortgage.

Another important consideration underscored in the guide is insurance. Most house moving companies can provide insurance coverage for clients’ property, but readers may also want to consider short-term insurance. Such coverage can provide for the potential costs of damage caused by the raising, transporting, and installation of the house.

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