Diverse Job Board Network For Employers Embracing DEI In Brooklyn, NY

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Diverse US job board network WorkplaceDiversity has updated services with a range of new job listings for people of different races, ethnicities, abilities, genders, and sexual orientation seeking work in Brooklyn.

Often described as a mini melting pot of cultures, Brooklyn has become a highly desirable place to live and work over the years. And while the region fosters diverse and inclusive social and business environments, people from varying backgrounds, including racial, ethnic, ability, gender, and sexual orientation, can still find it difficult to locate employers with a robust DEI policy that is more than just a paragraph on a company website.

US job board network WorkplaceDiversity.com is working to change that.

They know that while salary and employee value proposition (EVP) both play key roles in attracting and retaining top talent, close to 95% of today’s employees also evaluate a company’s DEI efforts when deciding between job offers of comparable compensation and benefits.

If looking for an inclusive workplace in Brooklyn that actively fosters DEI, WorkplaceDiversity should be the first stop. WorkplaceDiversity.com connects companies prioritizing DEI with job seekers looking for safe and inclusive workplace environments, and find a full list of opportunities.

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To help companies meet their DEI goals and to make the job search easier for talent from populations that have traditionally experienced discrimination, the WorkplaceDiversity.com network partners exclusively with companies looking to bolster DEI.

“WorkplaceDiversity.com is a diverse job board network in the US,” says Lauren Guss, director at WorkplaceDiversity.com. “We own and operate 10 different diversity-focused job boards to offer employers doing their part to model their DEI policies extensive national reach. Right now, there are lots of employers in Brooklyn looking for top caliber talent to fill a range of opportunities.”

The job board is designed in a way that meets employer and employee goals thanks to a thoughtful and user-friendly interface and landing page.

Time to start a Brooklyn job search? WorkplaveDiversity.com makes it easy. Simply type the desired role into the landing page search field and instantly be met with a list of available options.

Employers searching for candidates of all backgrounds, the platform offers a few different listing packages. Choose a basic listing, or, to improve visibility, and also select the “spotlight,” “feature,” or “WorkplaceDiversity Network” package.

Basic listings include standard job information, including role, responsibilities, location, company profile and contact information, while advanced packages help companies stand out with prominent top-of-page features, and top-of-page listings. Companies that choose the network package can extend their visibility across partnering platforms that include LGBTConnect.com, HispanicDiversity.com, DisabilityConnect.com, OutandEqual.com, and more.

With the majority of individuals looking to enter the workforce and those looking for a career change now placing a high priority on a company’s commitment to DEI, a whopping three-quarters of job seekers say they would not consider an offer from a company that does not demonstrate a robust DEI policy.

With new jobs throughout Brooklyn now listed on the WorkplaceDiversity job board, both businesses and job seekers can achieve their goals.

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