Pediatric Dentist Social Media Ads: Marketing & Lead Generation Software Updated

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Digital Leads LLC announces a new update to its dental practice marketing software and lead generation system, Patient Influx 2.0.

The new update combines social media and email marketing strategies for US dentists and prioritizes prospects who are more likely to commit to a long-term treatment plan.

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Dental practitioners can now actively manage the issue of low-quality leads by engaging prospects across multiple touch points – determining their needs and preferences based on ongoing communication.

According to the National Institutes of Health, dentists face missed appointment rates as high as 48% in certain areas. To combat this issue, Patient Influx 2.0 employs a data-driven strategy that involves reaching out to prospects through social media channels. By offering tailored ads and optimizing campaigns based on real-time analytics, dentists can increase the likelihood of generating appointments.

Patient Influx 2.0 also offers dentists the opportunity to target precise audiences through search engine advertising on platforms such as Google and YouTube. As these are the two most-used search platforms in the world, with Google alone generating 3.5 billion searches per day, this enhances traffic generation.

The system has a user-friendly interface and dentists require no training prior to implementing it in their daily workflow. It is designed to manage long-term nurturing campaigns by providing users with the ability to engage with leads via email, voicemail, and text messages.

Patient Influx 2.0 incorporates a tailored questionnaire survey sent to every lead, allowing dental practitioners to ‘warm’ prospects over time. This establishes a deeper connection with patients based on their unique pain points, allowing for a more tailored treatment approach – and resulting in improved patient satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

About Digital Leads LLC

As a growth-oriented agency, Digital Leads offers flexible solutions with no long-term contracts. They operate on an exclusivity policy, so no two clients will compete over patients within 20 miles of each other.

A spokesperson states: “Many dentists have reached a fork in the road. They keep wasting time and money chasing low-quality leads, then go back to relying on referrals before giving up. The Patient Influx 2.0 System is saving hundreds of dentists from this disaster.”

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