Fragrant Cleansing Soap Bar With Organic Shea Butter In 4oz Size Now Available

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Parlour of Wonders has updated its range of handcrafted, fragrant cleansing soap bars with organic shea butter available in 4-ounce sizes.

Like all the other products on the website, the newly added cleansing bars are made exclusively from a unique blend of natural ingredients, including potent botanicals, essential oils, and minerals for a reinvigorating spiritual bath.

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Formulated in their Los Angeles studio, Parlour of Wonders’ new range is handcrafted using a proprietary cold-press soap-making process that relies on an organic shea butter base, in addition to leveraging aromatherapy principles, giving each bar a distinctive herbal profile and vibrational energy.

The all-natural cleansing soap bars come in unique blends. Alongside skin-softening and moisturizing properties, Parlour of Wonders believes that their bars also have healing properties for warding off negative energies, attracting love and good luck, or increasing prosperity.

The store’s Aphrodite Soap by Coastside Conjure is a carefully crafted soap, which features a sweet dash of rose petals, Tahitian vanilla, and champagne essence fragrance.

Another popular new item in the collection is their Dragon’s Blood—Protection Soap, which draws on a fruity orange base note mixed with a bit of amber, vanilla, and patchouli hints; it is said it can protect users from all kinds of negativity.

Intended to be incorporated into one’s daily self-care routine, the spiritual cleansing soap bars are available in 4-ounce sizes, which make for quick and easy use in handwashing, bathing, and manifestation.

Parlour of Wonders is the online home of Madame Pamita, a renowned spiritual wellness advocate, author, and speaker. The store stocks a wide range of other items besides its cleansing soap bars, including runes, candles, crystals, and more. They ship across the United States and Canada, delivering orders in completely recyclable packaging.

A spokesperson said, “A spiritual soap is a blessed soap with special herbal ingredients to help you cleanse yourself and the energy of your home. A good spiritual soap will include herbs, oils, and other natural ingredients that help you expel anything attached to you that is not positive. These soaps make spiritual cleansing as easy as your daily shower or as simple as hand washing.”

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