Somerset, NJ Apostolic Pentecostal Church: Bible-Based Youth Curriculum Updated

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Somerset, NJ-based Premier Family Life Ministry International (1-888-210-5850), an Apostolic Pentecostal church, has announced an updated curriculum based on biblical principles and strong family values.

Premier Family Life Ministry International (PFLMI) has released a revised curriculum aimed at inspiring children and teenagers and promoting Christian values within a secular society.

The curriculum’s details are available on the organization’s website,

The revamped curriculum centers on holistic learning and personalized instruction, blending core educational lessons with spiritual teachings. Focusing on ministry preparation, effective communication, Christian leadership training, and community outreach, PFLMI’s youth education programs prepare students to become advocates of the Bible’s teachings.

There has been a trend towards alternative education options incorporating religion in recent years, with statistics showing that six million students each year are enrolled in religiously-affiliated schools, indicating that many parents are choosing to include religion and spirituality in their children’s education.

Aside from education programs, PFLMI also cultivates the musical side of the youth with their choir and dance ministry. The vision of the choir ministry is to facilitate true worship and adoration, creating an atmosphere open to the Holy Spirit, breaking bonds, changing hearts, and releasing God’s anointing. Similarly, the dance ministry strives to minister God’s word through movement, such as liturgical dance, mime, and sign language.

Harnessing the youth’s natural inclination to technology, PFLMI welcomes them to the multimedia ministry, where they learn to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their congregation using visually-driven content. This ministry provides the technical support required for worship services and records various events, teachings, and sermons, which are made available on DVD and for viewing on their website.

Based in Somerset, NJ, PFLMI is an affiliate of One Way Apostolic Faith Mission. With inclusivity as a cornerstone of the organization’s approach to education, they strive to cultivate an environment that respects diversity and multiculturalism while maintaining core family values and standards.

“Our aim is to provide a spiritual foundation for our young people; we want to create an atmosphere where they can gain a lifelong personal relationship with Christ. We must teach our youth to be committed to God in all that they do,” a representative said.

For more information on PFLMI’s updated curriculum and other initiatives, interested parties may visit