Somerset, NJ Apostolic Pentecostal Church: Bible-Based Education Program Updated

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Somerset, NJ-based Premier Family Life Ministry International, Inc. (888-210-5850) has updated its educational programs for children and teenagers.

Following the update, Premier Family Life Ministry International, Inc. offers a unique faith-based curriculum that combines biblical teachings, Apostolic Pentecostal principles, and community outreach. Lessons are personalized and student-driven but focused on traditional values.

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The recently revamped curriculum aligns with an article published in Christianity Today about the need to educate the youth about church leadership. According to the report, having deep religious values helps the youth become effective community leaders and advocates of the Word of God.

Aside from theological and ethical principles, the church’s education programs introduce students to the choir and dance ministries, where they learn how to enrich their and the congregation’s experience during Sunday service. Conveyed through song, movement, and musical instruments, these ministries create an atmosphere conducive to receiving the grace of the Holy Spirit.

As a form of community outreach with their students, Premier Family Life Ministry has provided necessities such as cooked food, warm clothes in winter, and toiletries for the residents and guests of the YMCA in Plainfield. The church is expanding its charitable work by partnering with the Ronald McDonald House and serving more people in the surrounding area.

Founded in 2004 by Bishop Euton Laing and Elder Sharon Laing, Premier Family Life Ministry International, Inc. organizes Sunday worship services at 230 Davidson Ave, Somerset, NJ 08873.

“We must create a lasting legacy for our children that will be passed on from generation to generation. We need to teach them the word of God and share with them the victories the Lord has done for us. Together, let’s train our children in the way they should go, so that when they are old, they will not depart from the faith, but will be an example and testimony to many, and God will be glorified,” a spokesperson said.

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