Phoenix Content Marketing, Authority & Branding Solution For SMBs Announced

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A new content marketing strategy by Content Marketing Media is helping small businesses in Phoenix improve authority and branding.

With ChatGPT making content creation easier than ever, an audience-first approach and content quality will be among the main trends in 2023 and beyond, says a new Semrush study. In light of this, Content Marketing Media is introducing its authority and branding solution for small to medium-sized businesses — with a focus on quality, informative content published across high-authority platforms.

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While media coverage on major channels such as Google News and Yahoo! has traditionally been reserved for large corporations, this new content marketing service is designed to give SMBs the same exposure, without ads. Content Marketing Media’s hyper-local campaigns are designed to improve local search rankings, build brand trust, and establish customer loyalty.

“We’ve designed an all-in-one solution to increase your brand visibility, help you gain a competitive edge, and save you valuable time,” says a company representative. “Our comprehensive package includes a snapshot report and a hyper-local media campaign tailored to your business’s needs.”

As part of its hyper-local media campaigns, Content Marketing Media offers six types of content, including branded news articles, blog posts, and videos. Its team of professional writers creates relevant, informative, and quality content about the business’s products and services. Since the content is published on over 400 major platforms, small businesses can build brand awareness, improve online visibility, and establish themselves as industry leaders.

The agency appreciates that most small businesses are looking to reach customers in their local area — and as such, it takes a hyper-local approach, which improves local search rankings. Businesses can use the snapshot report to track campaign results and adjust their strategy, as needed.

About Content Marketing Media

Founded by Josh Whitfield, the agency believes in giving small businesses the brand recognition they deserve. Its DFY content marketing solution includes branding, local search, and content distribution services.

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