AI Customer Review Response Technology: Reputation Management Solution Launched

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Local Business Coach (LBC) has launched its Google Chrome plugin, the LBC ReviewIQ™ ReviewResponder.

Following the recent launch, the company offers local businesses a tool to respond to customer reviews quickly and professionally, improving their online standing and customer engagement ratings. The LBC ReviewIQ™ ReviewResponder is an AI software that allows businesses to automate replies, crafting personalized and relevant responses to their customers’ feedback. Designed to transform potential negative experiences into positive ones, the Chrome plugin can help businesses establish brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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Intuitive and user-friendly, LBC’s newly launched plugin takes only a few minutes to install. Once users download it, they must register and activate the plugin using a code from the LBC team, after which they can start generating responses. They can copy and paste any customer review from the web into the plugin, and get a response within a few seconds.

According to LBC, the ReviewIQ™ ReviewResponder system has undergone extensive training and development by a team of skilled engineers and data scientists, ensuring the generation of accurate and relevant responses to online customer reviews. By offering prompt and appropriate answers, the AI responder can potentially increase customer satisfaction. When customers feel heard and understood, they have a better experience with the brand, enhancing loyalty and the potential for conversion in the future.

The AI responder gives consistent and accurate responses to customer reviews, eliminating the risk of human error and ensuring every customer receives a timely and fitting response. It can also handle a large volume of reviews, offering a scalability factor for customer service operations as a business expands.

Local Business Coach’s data suggests that using the tool can increase a brand’s online authority and revenue by up to 35%. Responding to reviews minimizes the frustration customers feel when they are dissatisfied with a product or service, and allows the brand to explain the situation and offer a solution.

For businesses who want to try out the ReviewIQ™ ReviewResponder, the first step is to give LBC specific details about their brand, including their website and the preferred means of communication. LBC has a seven-day trial period that allows businesses to test the plugin to see if it matches their company’s needs.

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