McAllen Truck & Car Accident Injury Claim Services Announced By Reyna Law Firm

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Texas and New Mexico-wide personal injury attorneys Reyna Law Firm (956-450-8294) announced a new service for those hurt in McAllen-area crashes involving large vehicles.

The announcement is specifically brought forward in response to frequent reports of deadly traffic accidents between McAllen and Mexico on the nearby border. Reyna Law Firm calls attention to the dangerous roads on US highways 83 and 281 which, due to vehicle congestion and other factors, have seen frequent collisions involving large trucks and cars alike.

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McAllen’s thriving status as a trade center between the United States and Mexico explains much of the heavy traffic going north and south, suggests Reyna Law Firm. As vehicles including trucks and 18-wheelers converge on the city, the risk of accidents only rises. Accordingly, the firm has announced its legal representation services for those injured, maimed, or even killed in such crashes.

Its lawyers are now able to work on behalf of crash survivors in the pursuit of compensation – taking into account the latest Texas legal developments. Headed by JR Reyna, the firm offers its new services with the intent of protecting the rights of victims after destructive vehicle accidents.

When wrongful death or severe injury is the result of reckless driving, victims often face ruinous amounts in costs relating to trauma, hospital bills, and lost wages. Reyna Law Firm’s personal injury services are tailored for these circumstances, providing accident survivors or the families of victims with legal and damage claim assistance.

In the state of Texas, those judged as primarily responsible for vehicle accidents must also bear the brunt of any liable damage compensation. As such, Reyna Law Firm now works to gather crucial evidence against negligent parties. Cases can be built on witness testimony, medical records, and traffic footage, says the firm.

Reyna Law Firm further advises that any involvement by insurance companies can often make an already complex process more cumbersome for accident victims. In order to prevent those injured in crashes from being offered lower figures than they need for their recovery, the firm’s no-win, no-fee services also include negotiation representation.

With the latest announcement, Reyna Law Firm moves to support crash victims throughout damage claim proceedings – extending to lawsuits and court appearances when necessary. Initial consultations regarding large vehicle crashes can be arranged via its official website or its over-the-phone contact listings.

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