Synthesys AI Studio By Todd Gross: Video Creation Software Launches 2023-Aug-12

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MunchEye has announced the release of Synthesys AI Studio, a suite of cloud-based software for AI video creation and voice generation.

Todd Gross and Oliver Goodwin announce the latest addition to their AI product line, Synthesys AI Studio. Four years after their first AI product launch, they have consolidated their offerings into a comprehensive, user-friendly platform with new and upgraded features.

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The recent announcement highlights Synthesys AI Studio’s text-to-voiceover and text-to-video technology, which can be used for various applications like animation, explainers, audiobooks, and social media reels.

Key features of the AI Voice Generator include a cloud-based application that allows users to work from anywhere globally. It is suitable for various mediums such as sales videos, animation, social media content, TV commercials, podcasts, and more. Users can choose from a library of 65 professional voices, including 35 female and 30 male options, and there’s no limit to the number of voiceovers the user can generate.

Synthesys AI Studio’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Text-to-Video (TTV) technology can transform scripts into dynamic media presentations in minutes. Using clear, natural voiceovers adds authenticity to digital messaging, fostering trust and an emotional connection between customers and brands.

The AI Video Generator, another major component of the Synthesys AI Studio, empowers users to create their videos using ground-breaking lip-synching AI video technology. This tool eliminates the need for acting talent, allowing for the creation of unique virtual speakers that enhance visual messaging.

This video generator comes with 69 real Humatars (34 Female, 35 Male), and supports over 145 languages with a total voice bank of 254 unique styles. It offers full customization entirely on a cloud-based application and provides an easy-to-use interface for editing and rendering. With high-resolution output, it is recommended for explainer videos, eLearning modules, social media content, product descriptions, and more.

“Synthesys is on the leading edge of developing algorithms for text to voiceover and videos for commercial use. Imagine being able to enhance your website explainer videos or product tutorials in a matter of minutes with the aid of a natural human voice,” a representative said.

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