Salesforce: Is It Worth Implementing This Platform in Business?

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( — July 18, 2023) — Perhaps you have already heard about CRM Salesforce but did not fully understand what it is and whether it is necessary. The platform is designed to bring profit with CRM and at the same time reduce costs for companies.

However, the help of specialists is needed here, which can be found on the website However, it is worth telling a little about the platform itself.

Salesforce – what is it?

Salesforce is a platform designed specifically to perform sales, service, marketing, analysis, and communication tasks with your customers. Simply put, this is a system that will allow you to effectively organize the work of employees, protect yourself from observant competitors and save time by avoiding unnecessary and many hours of red tape with stacks of papers.


One of the main advantages of Salesforce is the cloudiness of the system. With Salesforce, your business is with you, wherever you are. Since everything is stored and run in the cloud, there is no need to care:

  • about servers;
  • databases;
  • administration.

Each employee has the opportunity to work effectively regardless of location since he has access to information from CRM.

The platform also provides ample opportunities for customization and a powerful system for delimiting access rights (profiles, roles) at the level of objects, records, and functionality. With Salesforce, you can streamline some workflows, no matter what industry your company is in. All processes are tuned to result and increase potential.

The system allows you to save up to 30% of the company’s budget. This figure is achieved by purchasing a Salesforce license, after which the need to purchase servers and maintain a staff of system administrators disappears. You just need to pay for the license. Moreover, if the application works well, it does not need to be improved, then the support requires minimal costs.

In addition, there is an opportunity to get a lot of ready-made solutions with serious functionality in the AppExchange store.


In this context, it is worth pointing out some shortcomings, because there cannot be a program that will satisfy everyone. Some companies may encounter inconveniences that are worth mentioning.

A fairly common opinion is the fact that the price of the product is high, and the implementation is not always useful. This is especially important for small companies. If you don’t have a sales team or a marketing specialist, you probably don’t need such a feature-packed solution. A huge number of settings can simply “overload” a business.

What if the Salesforce implementation was deliberate, but it doesn’t seem to be working?

This means that business processes are quite complex, and the template solutions of the system are not suitable for them. The most correct solution for large corporations in this case is to create a unique system that reflects exactly their processes.


In general, looking towards Salesforce is a good idea if you want changes that will invariably lead to a positive result. The platform helps businesses make only the best decisions that can bring meaning to the company’s decisions and thereby optimize the business as a whole.