Calming Art Oversized Wall Prints On Luxury Fabric, Collection Announced

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BIG Wall Décor, an online art shop selling massive prints, has released a collection of calming artwork. The shop offers lightweight framed fabric wall art that can be easily swapped out for redecorating. Some frames can open to accommodate new prints.

The new curated collection of framed wall prints from BIG Wall Décor captures the season’s laid-back spirit in a medium that can transform walls and moods year-round.

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BIG Wall Décor’s recently launched range of calming art helps customers infuse their walls with the relaxing vibe of summer. But this chill collection features more than just palm trees and beachy prints: the pieces come in a variety of genres, and have been hand-picked from more than 1,200 unique works of art BIG Wall Décor offers.

Some feature peaceful nature scenes, ranging from Scott Wilson’s foggy mountain ranges to leafy tropical destinations captured by Kane C. Andrade, while artist Artur Chen’s pieces combine abstract shapes and colors in soothing shades that quiet the mind. For thought-provoking images that invite onlookers to sit back and contemplate, customers can order surrealist portraits by Frank Moth.

Many experts believe that creating, and even viewing, art can help reduce stress. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently reviewed several studies reporting lower stress after viewing art with several pointing to reductions in systolic blood pressure after observing artwork. The NIH concluded that evidence of art lowering stress looked promising, and recommended more standardized research going forward.

Science seems to show that art can be calming, but what each person finds relaxing may be highly individualized. Soothing blue hues put some customers at ease, while nature scenes invite others to take a break. Regardless, it’s important to have a retreat to escape the stress of life, which is the inspiration behind the collection, according to BIG Wall Décor representatives.

“Take a deep breath and relax your shoulders,” a store official advises. “Featuring peaceful art and nature, calm art creates a gentle space where you are free from stress, agitation, and disturbance.”

Peace never falls out of fashion, so these calming prints can make a natural permanent focal point for any room. Still, BIG Wall Décor’s prints are ideal for those who prefer to redecorate seasonally. They’re printed on silky luxury fabric, so they’re lighter weight than traditional canvas frames. This makes them easier to hang and swap out when the time comes.

The world’s largest online retailer of oversized art, BIG Wall Décor offers prints in a variety of sizes and framing options. Some frames open to accommodate other prints when it’s time to redecorate, while their durable fabric construction means these tear-resistant, washable prints can be swapped out time and time again.

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