San Antonio Employee Benefit Packages & Consulting For SMBs, Service Announced

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Rick Orozco has announced the launch of ‘Amplify Your Benefits’ for business owners in San Antonio, Texas, looking for employee benefit packages to help improve their employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Colonial Life Agency’s ‘Amplify Your Benefits’ service gives SMBs in San Antonio the ability to provide their employees with benefits such as life insurance, disability insurance, and accident insurance.

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With the recent launch of his employee benefits business, Amped brand owner Rick Orozco is expanding the services he provides for business owners across multiple industries seeking to grow and develop their companies in 2023.

Following the pandemic, there has been a shift in the ways employees consider both the work they do and the benefits provided by their employer. This change has led to a reported 4.5 million US employees quitting their jobs every month, 45% of which report wanting better pay or benefits as a key factor for leaving. To provide a solution for San Antonio business owners worried about their retention rates, ‘Amplify Your Benefits’ offers a cost-effective way of increasing the benefits their business offers.

‘Amplify Your Benefits’ can offer business owners access to a voluntary benefits program through which employees supplement their insurance through their wages to enhance a business’s existing insurance offerings. Using this method, business owners give their employees an extensive range of additional benefits without increasing their expenditures.

The benefits available through the program include insurance for accidents, disability, life, critical illness, dental, hospital confinement indemnity, and cancer policies. They can also conduct 1-to-1 informational counseling for employees so they can better understand how the benefits program will support them and their needs.

As the program includes complete support for business owners, they will get assistance for setting up their accounts, enrolling employees, billing, and processing claims. Individuals wanting to learn about the service and how it could enhance the benefits their business already offers can arrange for a consultation with one of the company’s specialists.

Based in San Antonio, ‘Amplify Your Benefits’ offers its services to business owners throughout the Texas region.

When speaking of the services, Rick Orozco said, “We are excited to show you how we can help you overcome the largest problems business owners face today, attaining and retaining quality employees without costing the owner a dime.”

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