New York Macular Degeneration Diagnostic Testing, Optometry Services Announced

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For New York residents struggling with blurry vision and related neck or shoulder pain, optometry practice White Plains Eye Care (914 732-1732) has announced diagnostic tests for early-stage macular degeneration.

Over 2 million Americans aged 50 and older have been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and the clinic’s recent announcement offers patients experiencing related symptoms an opportunity to catch the disease in its earliest stages. Neck and shoulder pain can be the result of eye strain, which can point to AMD. Other symptoms include blurred vision, reduced or darkened central vision, visual distortions, and light sensitivity.

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White Plains Eye Care can provide comprehensive scans of a patient’s macula, retina, and optic nerve. The practice uses two cutting-edge pieces of technology to diagnose macular degeneration: the Visionix iScan 80 and the AdaptDx – Model Pro with Eye Tracking Technology.

While neither form of AMD, dry or wet, is completely curable, detecting the disease early is crucial for preventing severe vision loss. In the past few years, effective treatments, such as anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) injections, have been developed which can stop the progression of AMD, maintaining a patient’s current vision. Some patients have even experienced improved vision after receiving anti-VEGF injections.

Dark adaptation is the eye’s ability to recover its sensitivity in the dark after being exposed to bright light, and slowed or impaired dark adaptation is a clinical sign of macular degeneration. Using the AdaptDx – Model Pro, which has advanced, precision eye tracking technology, White Plains Eye Care can accurately measure a patient’s dark adaptation ability and create a clear understanding of their macular health.

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