UK Wooden Window Shutters Selection: Modern & Traditional Style Guide Released

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Shuttercraft, a UK custom and made-to-measure window treatments retailer and fitter, has a new style guide to help customers choose wooden shutters for their homes.

The shutter experts’ new style guide aims to help homeowners understand the different options available to them regarding wooden shutters. Shuttercraft appreciates that any new window treatment is an investment, and although they believe it substantially improves the value of a property, they know it can be easy for homeowners to get daunted by the cost, the available options and the whole process.

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That’s why with their new style guide, ‘Wooden Window Shutters: How To Choose The Right Ones’, they offer concise yet clear information for homeowners who know they want to update their home with wooden shutters.

Shuttercraft also wants to assure homeowners that they are not alone if they are thinking wood. As a recent window treatments industry snapshot on LinkedIn explained, in 2023, “wood wins”, with most homeowners preferring the style for its minimalist yet warm and timeless aesthetic.

However, as Shuttercraft’s new design aesthetics style guide explains, choosing wood is the first step in finding the right shutters.

One of the first factors for a homeowner to consider is the style of windows, especially if they live in a historical Victorian or Georgian property. Shuttercraft’s stylists believe each window has a uniquely suited shutter style that will enhance the window’s natural beauty and offer the most functional benefits in light control, insulation, privacy and security.

For example, homeowners in a historic property can accentuate their sash windows with a full-height shutter and a traditional combination of small louvres and a tilt rod to angle the louvres. At the same time, homeowners in a more modern property might like to try deeper louvres and a hidden tilt for a bolder and cleaner look.

On top of their new style guide, Shuttercraft has one of the country’s most prominent design teams, offices, and consultants throughout the country who can help a homeowner at each step. Shuttercraft is also proud to offer its clients the largest selection of natural woods, natural stains and high-quality paint colours in the UK.

A spokesperson for the made-to-measure window treatment fitters said, “We know that everyone’s shutter requirements are a bit different. This is why we’ve got people from our design teams on-hand to answer your questions and offer advice to help you find the perfect shutters. We’d be delighted to hear from you if you want more information about wooden window shutters.”

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