CreditLink: Tenant Background Screening Authority Top of Eviction Reports Niche

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Tenant screening check eviction report company CreditLink established in San Diego 1979 the best of the Renter background Report niche announced their 44th anniversary event. “The Rentfaire property management software solution,” Free Upgrade! More about tenant screening services 1979 pioneer at or telephone 1-858-496-1000

CreditLink® Corporation, the national pioneer in tenant screening checks with FICO scores in the USA, is celebrating its 44th business anniversary in August 2023. As the leader in eviction reports with renter background checks, CreditLink® Corporation has been at the forefront of renter background screening and tenant payment history innovations. Based in San Diego, California, this tenant screening report company has been providing resident screening services for real estate investors and property management companies.

They have been at the top of the renters screening niche in San Diego, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Riverside, Orange County, San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno, Santa Rosa, Bakersfield, Hesperia, Stockton and Sacramento since 1979. Since that time they have expanded nationwide to areas such as Chicago, New York, Tampa, Miami, Denver, Phoenix, Tucson, Yakima, Houston, San Antonio, Charleston and more.

Further information availablbe at the website. There are no membership fees or monthly minimum and simple to sign up for a new account.

CreditLink® Corporation was founded by David Allen Moffitt in 1979 with the goal of providing a service that would benefit landowners, property managers, and tenants, ultimately helping to maintain low rents and improve neighborhoods. One of the initial challenges faced by the company was finding and verifying tenant payment history and background data to ensure the credibility and reliability of all information in their screening reports.

Despite the challenges, CreditLink® Corporation has enjoyed numerous successes throughout its 44 years of operation. One of the most significant victories is the fact that the company has never been hacked. With a strong focus on cybersecurity, CreditLink® Corporation has built a one-hundred-percent secure system that protects sensitive information. The company’s dedication to security has inspired the entire tenant screening niche and led to the development of proprietary vault-level software long before the term “cybersecurity” became popular.

In addition, CreditLink® Corporation has been a hive of innovation, consistently staying ahead in the technology sector. The company was one of the early players in using technology to collect and review critical circumstantial data, including eviction histories and criminal records. These factors proved to be powerful predictors of default and litigation avoidance. The depth of experience and the innovative approach have been key factors in CreditLink® Corporation’s success and tenant background data integrity.

Looking ahead to the 44th anniversary event, CreditLink® Corporation aims to maintain its position as the leader and innovator in the renter screening and background reporting business services industry. They plan to connect their newly launched RentFaire company, an online property management software solution, with CreditLink® tenant background checks and tenant eviction reporting services. To celebrate the anniversary, all CreditLink® account holders will receive a free upgrade membership to the Rentfaire software solution.

With no membership fees and no monthly minimums, CreditLink® accounts provide a simple and risk-free tenant screening service. For more information and sign-up details, visit

In conclusion, CreditLink® Corporation has achieved remarkable success in its 44 years of operation. From pioneering tenant screening to revolutionizing tenant payment history innovations, the company has demonstrated its commitment to providing reliable and credible renter screening services. With a focus on cybersecurity and continuous innovation, CreditLink® Corporation remains the the recognized industry leader of eviction reports.