Private Canadian Rockies Sightseeing Tours, Custom Guided Vacations: Update

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Canada Rail Vacations has updated its policies to allow Premium Tour Packages to be added to any upcoming vacation by rail. These packages provide personal, highly customizable tours, that go above and beyond the traditional options with top-rated tour guides from around Canada.

Though Canada Rail Vacations has been providing sightseeing tours and holiday getaways by train for nearly three decades in Canada, many clients are unaware of their personalized tour options. This new update allows a Premium Tour Package to be added to any vacation by rail, with customized destinations, timelines, and transportation.

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With a Premium Tour Package, clients can plan their own tours based on what they wish to see, how long they wish to spend, and the types of transportation they prefer. Unlike group tours, these packages are fully customizable, allowing vacationers to see sights not normally on the tour route, spend extra time in favourite locations, or slow down the tour experience to an easier pace.

While Canada Rail Vacations offers a wide range of tours on the company’s website, each of the listed tours is in a larger bus with limited options for customization. However, any listed tour can be upgraded to include private excursions, as long as clients pre-book the additional features when planning their vacation.

When scheduling a Premium Tour Package, there are several key differences that clients should be aware of. The most important difference is the ability to choose when, where, how fast, and for how long, the tour will travel. However, these tours also offer several other advantages, including the addition of a world-class guide that specializes in each tour area.

Although which guide will be assigned to which tour may vary, Canada Rail Vacations works with a dedicated team of in-house tour guides and hires world-class outside talent when required. In some situations, tours have also found themselves being led by the company’s founder and expert guide, Martin Flanagan.

Clients are asked to request a Premium Tour Package from their Canada Rail Vacation Planner when initially planning a vacation. This pre-planning is required to ensure that each tour is fully customized to meet the client’s needs, with the appropriate guides, extra stops, transportation, and accommodation. More information about tour guides and past trips can be found at

A spokesperson for the company explained, “By including private excursions within your tour package, you’ll be the envy of the other guests aboard the train when you skip the buses and motorcoaches and instead have your own private vehicle and guide all to yourself.”

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