Data-Driven Art Investment Service With Price Tool For Profitability Launched

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LOT-ART is the new art investment platform based in Amsterdam that helps art collectors, curators, and investors to assess the liquidity of fine art and timepieces.

Serving clients in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom, the LOT-ART Investment Platform draws upon big data aggregated from over 3,500 leading auction houses on art and collectibles. It transforms this data into actionable advice that helps interested bidders to assess the financial side of artworks on the basis of present and future worth, enabling them to get the most favorable deals from both a buying price and profitability perspective.

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LOT-ART has launched in a moment of high inflation worldwide, in which many established investors are seeing diminishing returns on traditional high-value assets, and what market insiders call ‘assets of passion’, including fine art, watches, jewelry, cars, and wine.

“According to Knight Frank’s Luxury Investment Index, art was the best performing of 10 tracked ‘assets of passion’, rising by 29 percent in 2022, and in spite of high inflation in the UK, Eurozone and US, art has beaten inflation and many other more ‘conventional’ asset classes.”

LOT-ART believes there are many reasons for the high financial performance of art, including that – in addition to their innate financial worth and capital risk diversification benefits -artworks offer aesthetic pleasure, possess cultural and historical value, and provide owners with high ownership prestige.

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However, with this steady and sustained growth in the art sector also comes increased competition and a greater pool of sellers trying to capitalise on current trends. As such, LOT-ART believes that any interested investor will benefit from their comprehensive data-driven analytics and investment service.

Through their new platform, LOT-ART can advise buyers about the liquidity of any given piece of art and help them optimize and diversify their art collection and, thus, their investment portfolio. See best deals in Art and Timepieces: LOT-ART | Find Best Deals in Fine Art and Watches

LOT-ART is proud to be offering art investors personalised advisory services that utilise the industry’s finest market analytics. They are confident that their new platform can help buyers select best deals in fine art, which offer both a valid financial return on investment and the personal and social benefits that come through art collecting.

Francesco Gibbi, the Founder & CEO of the new art investment platform said, “Proposing an innovative financial approach to art collecting, LOT-ART selects the best investment deals, tailored to individual taste, budget, risk profile and financial objectives.”

Interested readers can find out more at Art Investment Advisory | LOT-ART