London Meniscus Tear Surgery Private Clinic: Immediate Appointments Announced

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MSK Doctors (0330 001 0048), a private clinic with a focus on musculoskeletal conditions, has updated its fast access policy for patients with meniscus tear injuries and now provides near-immediate appointments for diagnosis, treatment, consultation, and ultrasounds, with no GP referral.

Using this updated fast-access option, patients with knee injuries or meniscus tears can schedule their own, near-immediate appointments, without a referral from their GP. MSK Doctors allows online or over-the-phone booking with no waiting list.

More information about MSK Doctors’ fast-access policy, the clinic’s knee specialist team, and details about self-booking appointments can be found at

With this new fast-access service, patients have several options to optimise their recovery, including an improved diagnostic option that uses an Open MRI scanner to view the injured knee while it is in motion. Using advanced techniques and technology, MSK Doctors helps to provide the most effective treatment option for each individual and to reduce their recovery times.

While many treatment options are available for meniscus tears, the MSK Doctors knee specialist team suggests that each injury is unique and has an optimal solution, which can often be determined through advanced diagnostics and medical experience. Using the optimal solution for each patient, MSK Doctors can often provide a more complete recovery with less downtime.

To ensure each patient receives optimal care, MSK Doctors have access to the only Open MRI scanner in the county, and a full team of knee specialists with experience in regenerative, sports, and orthopedic medicine. Using this advanced diagnostic approach, the team can see how the knee joint appears even when it is moving, which provides important insights into the nature of the injury.

Prof. Paul Lee, the head of MSK Doctors’ knee specialist team, is a double board-certified surgeon with five international fellowships and an education in regenerative, surgical, and non-surgical treatments. This allows Prof. Lee to offer a balanced opinion on individual treatment options and choose the one most likely to optimise each patient’s recovery.

Interested patients can also find supplementary information on the MSK Doctors website, such as a Question and Answer video about knee pain, featuring Prof. Paul Lee, and a wide list of potential treatment options. Patients can also schedule an appointment to see a specialist at any time, by either clicking “Book Online” on the MSK Doctors website or by calling 0330 001 0048.

More information about Prof. Paul Lee, the self-booking option, and the full list of treatments for knee injuries can be found at